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Diamond shruumz is the future of microdosing. Think of it as candy for the creative soul and for walking on the path of enlightenment. Our hand-crafted flavors are not only delicious but they’re also packed with a kick of Lion’s mane, a touch of Reishi, and a bit of Chaga mushrooms. We also sell Shruumz Gummies


  • Diamond Shruumz Gummies

    Diamond Shruumz Gummies (13)

    Diamond Shruumz gummies We bring to you our Diamond Shruumz Gummies, infused with the finest Magic Mushroom. As the pioneers in manufacturing psilocybin gummies, we are proud to offer you a delightful alternative to consuming mushrooms directly. With each gummy, you can enjoy a tasty treat without the need to chew on mushrooms with an unusual taste. These Shruumz Gummies…
  • Diamond Shruumz Chocolate

    Diamond Shruumz Chocolate (11)

    Diamond Shruumz Chocolate Diamond Shruumz Chocolate is a blend of the finest Belgian chocolate mixed with Lion’s mane, a touch of Reishi, and a bit of Chaga mushrooms. Enjoy the absolute ecstasy of cocoa as we offer you a delicious selection of handmade magic mushroom chocolate bars that will transport your taste buds on a memorable adventure. Each diamond shruumz…

Brain Booster

These blends are to be used when one’s intention is higher mental focus, concentration and efficiency in thought. This blend may provide support to enter states of heightened focus and ease in concentration.

Calmer Mind

Our product will help regulate stress, improve mood, boost immunity, and reduce fatigue

Balance your Spirit

This product contains RESIH mushrooms which in turn causes you to trip

Diamond Shruumz Chocolate

Get the gear that never gives up

t is our unwavering mission to deliver the pinnacle of excellence in the mushroom chocolate industry, and we have truly achieved that with our Multiverse collection.

Diamond Shruumz Gummies

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First time I ordered from this Business, excellent quality and the FAMOUSE diamond shruumz are really amazing 😍 I would definitely recommend!!
Mathew Grey
Recieved my package and everything was absolutely amazing just as ordered. Thank you and I will absolutely order again.
Hector Aldo
Amazing product delivered always on time with love. I always I always look forward to the free bars which never fails to make me happy
Silvia Cruz

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, and happiness”

Be equal minded in both success and failure.

diamond shruumz

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